Air Charter

402-533-2247 / 2785 State Highway 133, Suite H / Blair, NE 68008

Omaha Metro Area’s Air Charter Services

Located just 12 minutes north of I-680 and Dodge at Blair Municipal Airport

Whether for business or pleasure, private air charter offers the most convenient, time-saving, and relaxing way to travel. Our air charter services cater to many needs. Below are the highlights of our offerings:

  • First-class service at the lowest price in the metro area
  • You decide when and where you will travel
  • Eliminate costly downtime spent waiting in lines at airports
  • No delays. No hassles, cut your travel time by as much as 50%

We offer complete freedom when choosing Skywerx Aviation as your choice in Air Charter. We want you to feel hassle-free during your travel. Skywerx provides you with options and puts you in control of your destiny.

Let SkyWerx schedule your next flight in our King Air or Citation, through our aviation partner Charter First.  Everything operates at your convenience, picking you up at the airport of your choice. We would love to speak with you about your travel plans; contact us today!

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